Introducing Dr. Nicholas Ressel

Drs. O'Sullivan and DeLuca, after serving our community for over 30 years, are now pleased and enthusiastic to announce that Dr. Nick Ressel has joined our dental practice. Dr. Ressel was born, raised, and educated in Hernando County, where he was both a scholar and varsity athlete. He then received his B.S degree from the prestigious University of Florida. He continued to excel academically and received a full United States Navy Scholarship to attend the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine. Upon graduation, he was commissioned a full Lieutenant and initially served with the Marines at Parris Island. Next, he was promoted to department head aboard a US Navy ship, and finally, concluded his commitment at the Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Florida. While serving 5 years in the Navy, Dr. Ressel completed extensive advanced training in all facets of dentistry, as well as personally devoting many hours to his continuing education. In addition to our normal Monday to Friday hours, Dr. Ressel will allow us to expand those hours to include Saturdays and evenings to better accommodate our working patients. We have known Dr. Ressel for over 10 years. He is a competent, committed, and compassionate dentist who will help us to continue to provide the highest level of care you deserve. We look forward to introducing you to Dr. Nick Ressel at your next visit with us.